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This Ongoing Digital Document Discusses The Illusionary Bermuda Triangle Of Life, How To Deal With It And Move Forward, Consciously, Sub-Consciously, Super-Consciously. Self Mastery Is Inevitable. Subjects At Hand; Inner Power, Paranormal Research, Anomalies, 2012 And Beyond, The Multi-Dimensional Universe, Quantum Physics, mINd Altering Techniques Of The Puppet Masters, Wacky Ill-Rational Conspiracies That Are Somehow Linked Up To The Sacred Geometrical Fabric Of Truth, Coded Messages In Crop Circles, The Hollow Earth, Metaphysics, Galactic Federation Of Interplanetary Planets, Past Life Recollections, True Spirituality, Music With Artistic Flow, The Struggle In The Matrix And How To Unplug, And Back Full Circle To Anything We Could Possibly Wish To Rhyme About. Speak About. Be About. Truth.

A New Golden Era Is Upon Us, Let's Start Thinking Like Citizens Of One.

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